badge enabled games

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first step badgewise investment badgeyou've got the point! badgecharity act badgei miss the sun badgerich one badgesurprize! badgeexplore the underworld badgetrust badgedie hard badgecollector badgebeef steak badgemaximum! badgesupper digger badgesafary is over! badgehappy end badge
cute digging game featuring great gameplay and lots of upgrades
The Last Door: Chapter 2
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the eye of the bird badge
the second part of the popular horror detective game, The Last Door
Rollin' Paint 2
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beginner badgefuel master badgefive star painter badgeno stars badgerollin' ten badge10 down! badgeyellows 'n blues badgepast halfway badgeno more stars badgeyellows 'n blues two badgerolled & painted badgerollin' paint master! badge
casual physics based painting game
Deeper Sleep
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the stubborn guest returns badgei have to go deeper badgeyou are safe now badgethe librarian badge
scary point and click adventure game with creepy game-play and storyline
Zombo Buster
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detonator badgetime mage badgezombie genocide badgezombie carnage badgesurprize bullet badgethe flash badgemystery mouse badgemystery click badgemystery game #1 badgemystery game #2 badgemystery game #3 badgemystery game #4 badgeyou got nerve! badgeiron armor badgecriticalizer badgelike a boss badgepro manager badgeyou shall not pass badgepicici badgesteady gang badgepromoter badgepokeaang badgezakaki davinci badgehypergenezuz badge
zombie defense shooting game with addictive gameplay and tons of levels and upgrades
A Small Talk
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live together, die alone badgeleave no one behind! badge
post-apocalyptic text-based game with creepy atmosphere
Don't Escape
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a slaughter badgea massacre badgea night of terror badgea frightful night badgea calm night badge
creepy adventure point and click game with intriguing storyline, mind puzzling puzzles and were-wolf
Deep Sleep
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you are really stubborn sometimes, aren't you! badgeout of the depths badge
creepy point and click adventure game with creepy atmosphere and clever puzzles
Evilgeddon Spooky Max
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panic free badgecatacomb badgepumpkin party badgemummy extermination badgeghost buster badgepsycho mode badgefirebeast studio badgewoof badgeno more hulk a like badgeavada kedavra badgephantom menace badgegenocide badgethe gunny sack badgefull moon ended badgei am legend badgesuper dude badgemother of gun badgethis is sparta badgetime attack badgetriple threat badgefireworks badgeburnt to dust badgeray of death badgesplendid bullets badgebig daddy badgevan hell sink badgenightmare terror badgedie hard badgeboom shakalaka badgecrazy freaking awesome player badge
top-down action shooting game with tons of monsters and impressive guns
Bois D'Arc
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skull collector badgenewbie shooter badgedemonic shooter badgebull's eye badgezeus successor badgedetonator badgetoxic master badgehead hunter badgecrazy bull's eye badgekeen eye badgeultimate is here badgesuper damage badgepiercing master badgeremarkable archer badgelucky streak badge
castle defense type of game where the player controls an archer and his bow
Seam: One Hundred Buttons
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monster slayer badgemeet the spikes badgedance with the razors badgegreen makes wet badgeexodus 66 badgeexodus 95 badge
creepy side-scrolling game
The Last Door: Prologue
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the silence badge
pixel art horror adventure game
The Last Door: Chapter 1
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videte ne quis sciat badge
the first chapter of the popular adventure point and click game, The Last Door
3Lind Game
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a matter of time badgeanticipation leads to dissapointment badgeknocking on doors badgedoubt is the root of all evil badgein the end, every little bit matters badgestudying the problem badgeadapting is not a sign of weakness badge
philosophical puzzle game with creepy atmosphere and challenging levels
Unholy Flesh
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elixir of life badge
text-based adventure game with creepy story and atmosphere
faq section
What are achievements?

Achievements are goals found within games on GameShed. Load up a game with an achievement and complete the described task to earn points and unlock a badge within your profile, viewable by other users.

What's a BadgeRush?

A BadgeRush means that you are in the first 7 players to unlock a badge. You will be awarded with 5 extra pts for each BadgeRush earned.

Help! I didn't get a badge!

Make sure that you login first BEFORE starting the game.

Be in the first 10 players to unlock any of the badges below and earn 5 more extra pts for each badge earned.
Earn 70 points by unlocking 'Seeing Stars' badge in the game Kullors
Seeing Stars
Awarding game