Sparkle 2, a zuma inspired game with powerups
Developed by game house
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A board game inspired from the popular Zuma game. The aim of the game is to prevent the colorful marbles to reach the exit hole by shooting them down. To remove marbles you have to use use the cannon to create chains of at least 3 identical marbles. As you progress new elements will be introduced.

user reviews & player tips

Really cool game. kinda old tho
ScorpionKing's profile page
the eye of the pond, had an issue with shooting. also the background was gone. if there ever was one.
SeeSawSally's profile page
it kinda ok
Theblackdragon56's profile page
Not the best game out here. there were much awesome games on here. they deleted all of them and why idk
stardustt's profile page
i am really good at this
chakota's profile page
is ok kinda peaceful
Enchantedlover101808's profile page
Fun almost like Zuma it self.
IDKlol's profile page
it is the best game ever
StellaWolf's profile page