The Outbreak is an interactive movie. At certain points of the movie, you will be prompted to make a choice. These choices will determine your survival. Shou...
Shoot down zombies and other players across the world and climb your way up to the leaderboard.
Slice all zombies and don't let no one pas except for the humans or you'll lose lives.
Zombies, guns and a lot of blood...does it sound like the perfect recipe?
Can you survive for 6 nights inside an creepy antique shop haunted by evil clowns? A creepy jump-scare based horror game inspired from FNAF.
Blow up zombies using different kind of projectiles including missiles! Choose the side you wanna launch the projectile and click on the mouse.
Survive the zombie invasion! Run through the city while you shoot all the zombies and monsters in your path!
A fun zombie-themed pool game where you must pool the balls while avoiding zombie arms and other disgusting monsters.
Paint the streets red while looking for a way out.Jump in your junk car and find a way to escapoe the city beore it's too late.