Zombotron is an Awesome zombie shooter game with physics developed by Ant Karlov
Zombotron has been developed by Ant Karlov
During the colonization of the planet Zombotron humans built some laboratories to create robots to clean the planet from evil, but something went terribly wrong and all the humans were transformed in zombies. Now it's up to you to find out what went wrong during the process and find an solution to fix it.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

Completed this
this game is awsome
it would be better if it had badges
i like the game x)
This is one of my favorite zombie games yet love zombie games the game the walking dead is awesome you should look it up sometime.
like if you love zombies and these awesome game
lolz first its ok
i love this game and i one mission
freaking great man should definitly play no matter what
try the 2nd one also guys :)
love this game :D
ikn why but i like this game :D
This game is SO AWESOME FOR PC TRY IT !!
Aweome game! Really enjoyed playing it!