Zombocalypse, a freeware game developed by John Funtanilla
Zombocalypse has been developed by John Funtanilla
In the year 2012, the world has gone to chaos and zombies roam the streets hungry for blood. Kill them all as you gain xp and unlock new weapons and achievements.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

hey guys this game is awesome add me well might as well itll make your popularity go up and plus get a new friend :)
awesome game, definately on my favorites
the game is fun as you add me.. ^_^
dis is legend...wait for it
agree if this game awesome
oh i like kill
this is awesome.!
this is a really fun great game
wonderfull addicting and yes im a girl xD
wow 1895 kills i'm impressed with my self c:
The main reason that we didn't published any games with badges is that we are working around the clock to launch the new version of the website.
i love this game i am renk 14 xD
this game is awesome i'm rank 15 xD
this game is like an app for ipod touch