Zombo Buster, a zombie defense shooting game with addictive gameplay and tons of levels and upgrades
Developed by Steven Aang, Hartono Peng, Bobi Hartanto & Hanrianto Tan
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Protect your building from hordes of zombies. Deploy units to each floor to stop them. Collect the money after killing the zombies and use them to purchase upgrades.
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detonator badgetime mage badgezombie genocide badgezombie carnage badgesurprize bullet badgethe flash badgemystery mouse badgemystery click badgemystery game #1 badgemystery game #2 badgemystery game #3 badgemystery game #4 badgeyou got nerve! badgeiron armor badgecriticalizer badgelike a boss badgepro manager badgeyou shall not pass badgepicici badgesteady gang badgepromoter badgepokeaang badgezakaki davinci badgehypergenezuz badge

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i feel like a moron here's how i found out about mystery mouse you go to it in your badges RIGHT click on it then you'll see mystery mouse then left click on it because i have my middle finger on the left clicker and not the right that throw me off.
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Mystery object 1 - stage 3, second floor photo Mystery object 2 - stage 6, second floor near the out door Mystery object 3 - stage 9, first floor in the shop window Mystery object 4 - stage 12, behind the desk
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cool game i like to kill the zombies :-)
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no more shotgun Zombie!!! i'm so addicted.
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mystery object 1 and 2 are pictures on the wall and mystery mouse is right click and mystery mouse option ! I hope I helped <3
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you shall not pass XD badge i love it
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I like this game the zombies are kinda cute!!!!! XD
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How do i get the "MYSTERY MOUSE" badge??
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how do you get it to save? everytime I come back I have to start all over. grrrr
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Awesome game, really addictive too. I told myself 5 more minutes then i look at the clock and its a hour later. x3
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Awesome game,those who have earned badges,best of luck.
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gotta lay an egg here too ..
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zombo buster rising is much easier that this one
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