Zombo Buster Rising, a single-screen zombie shooting game with upgrades and challenging levels
Developed by Steven Aang, Hartono Peng, Bobi Hartanto & Hanrianto Tan
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Medan, The City of Darkness has been infected with a serious disease which turns humans into zombies. Help Zombo Buster, Medan's anti-zombies team to clear the city of zombies in this awesome single-screen shooting game. The game features over 16 challenging levels and tons of upgrades. Don't forget to train each one of your units and to buy upgrades. Also, try to rescue as many refugees as possible!
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0 / 30
the marksman badgethe bombard badgezombie parade badgesniper mystery badgerocketeer badgeinfinity bullets badgesilent shooter badgebomb addict badgebig bang badgetic toc badgethe call down badgetime to rearm badgeguerrilla trooper badgebest friend badgeairborne badgelike a sir! badgemoneyman badgepsycho mode badgeattack on giant badgepiece of cake badgeconglomerate badgelet's talk about life badgesuper fellows badgezombo maniac badgetie of panic badgeshades of geddon badgepolar jetpack badgebois bow arc badgezombo device badgemighty sword badge

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Gameshed please fix those 3 badges,1 Super Fellows 2 Tie of Panic 3 Polar Jetpack on this game, they don't work and I've put a lot of effort into those badges and this game! Score me people so gameshed will fix the problem, thanks!
MadSaveges1000's profile page
anyone else see all the attack on tittan references?
cczr's profile page
this is much easier than zombo buster lol
jprv47's profile page
What I said about I got the entire badge that was inside the game and outside the game when I clicked into those badges, I didn't got those points.So score me people so gameshed will fix the problem, thanks!
MadSaveges1000's profile page
I finished he game in 3 hours all except for the Boss ZombGod. Does anyone know where his best Weakspot is? He keeps killing me, it's really tough... Help?
GeekChic93's profile page
Definitely a change from the original. A lot easier and fun to play. Also a little hint I Iearned back when I played this on Kong, the rocket man shoots faster if u keep his ammo at one and upgrade everything else.
josh_26's profile page
Hi! How are you guys, I got the entire badge, so best of luck who will get all the badges, thank you.
MadSaveges1000's profile page
great game those zombo busters are to lazy
TheRetaliatorX's profile page
This game is a lot of fun! Great variety of enemies too.
serialzero's profile page
I love this game!
KateL's profile page
I love this game!!! Vote this up if you liked this game as much as I did or if you thought it was challenging since your person didn't get a better gun!
KoolaidFTW's profile page
a very good game for points!!! just a shame i missed out on the badgerushes but with almost 500 points nevertheless, this is a game i recommend to all for easy point gain, a must play! even the hard badges are easy here! :D
Mitte's profile page
Amazing game just finished it in 2hours, to short :/ I really enjoy playing this game the work made on it is amazing !
mxcmaxime's profile page
Why this game is not saving??
Kenelexx26's profile page