Zombie Survival 3D, a first person shooter zombie game

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Survive infinite waves on zombies in this cool first person shooting game. Grab your weapons and let's do some killing! Use E key to grab new guns, ammo or health packs.

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You know what else helps with surviving zombies? The walking dead :3 DARYL FOREVER!
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this game fukin" rocks
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run on the ammo box you will be safe and dont change your mp5
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3rd comment, jive arse zombies, great game though. I really like this one
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i have a idea you must go to ammo box and then of the box of ammo ok its easy then the zombies cannot go up!
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great game!!! hint: when you start quickly run to the nearest ammo crate and use space to jump on top. Zombies will run towards but you can not get hurt. Just sit there and mow them down!!!
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I freaking love this game ^3^
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the game is the best just keep running and dont grab the other guns or you will have to die to get full ammo for them
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yeah very good game
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not the best game to play but it is pretty good
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Game play is Just like cod zombies so... The faction of it is really great! Good job and you earned a star!
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Not bad I Like Zombie ...!
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i've played better games, but then again i've played games that are much worse 4/5
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