Zombie Situation, a zombie shooter game with tone of weapons and upgrades
Developed by Elliot Pace
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Your home town has been infested by zombies and your wife is somewhere out there. Take your weapon and find her before it's too late. Beat the game to unlock survival mode!
0 / 235
0 / 12
engineer badgehome sweet home badgegot my sea legs! badgefree at last badgegravekeeper badgethere goes the town badgethis is my boomstick badgepew! pew! pew! badgerhymes with doom! badgei'm a survivor! badgepistol panic badgecan't touch this badge

user reviews & player tips

for easy "gun only" badge rapidly pres space to shoot faster with a gun,upvote this so everyone can see it,and good luck with 200 secs badge,that one should be impossible badge
Maskota's profile page
the first badge (survive 200s) is NOT easy its incredibly hard don't be fooled!
Mitte's profile page
The badge(survive 200s) is very very hard.
MadSaveges1000's profile page
thats funny, i always day at 187 seconds,XD
ZenReningard's profile page
dis game iz amazing..... and if u play it u will get points .... sooo i am veryy happyy
DIRT55's profile page
Hey I don't know why the sound is not working.So score me people so gameshed will fix the problem, thanks!
MadSaveges1000's profile page
Can't wait to play the next part
MadSaveges1000's profile page
the nice game ever
ZeaxRockField's profile page
I sort of want to see Pewdiepie to play this game... (I don't know why I just feel like he would rage somehow)
b0nedaddy's profile page
I had a lot of fun with this. The back story was incorporated into the gameplay really well. Great work!
serialzero's profile page
I Like this game!!!
SpeedFreak1992's profile page
Ah, I couldn't be the first to earn them all.
MadSaveges1000's profile page
Who doesn't enjoy killing zombies?
ziamarie's profile page
So close to 200 secs... so close.. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
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