Typocalypse 3D, a typing based 3d zombie shooting game
Developed by Andreas Grech, Cameron Saliba
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Kill the incoming zombies by accurately typing the words above their head. Collect the power-ups by destroying the crates that are periodically supplied.

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It's actually a really fun game
RPGmaster459's profile page
even if u say its horrible makes me more curious SO IM GUNNA TRY IT >:3
EvilUnicornMaster's profile page
it help people who are slow in typing to type fast. XD
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the game is good all you need to be is fast i played it a few times then i all of a sudden got to be an expert of it you need to be fast at typing thats all it is
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dont know what this game is..... but friggin YOLO!!!
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this is a horrible game DO NOT PLAY
MrCatbug's profile page
so horrible do not play
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