Surrounded by Death, a 3d zombie killing game
Developed by Leepo, Zylex, Leo & Steve Ballard
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Protect the shelter at all costs! Kill the zombies and use the money to repair the barricades and purchase better weapons. How long can you stay alive?

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This game is probably the worst rip off of Nazi zombies on Call of Duty. I don't know how the game could be worse....
GAMEDOG's profile page
It's not a great game. The gaming mechanics and actual movement could be better.
Jenk's profile page
Don't worry people. I'm an optimist who enjoys every game for some quality or other. I think they put some time and effort. While it's not the best, I kinda liked it.
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No one commented this game. Be the first!
kylemontej150's profile page
I can't play this game, why ?
Asgaard666's profile page
i can't play this game lol it's taking time to load xD
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Hey guys! I got the 10000 points gun and i made... Oh you guys didnt liked it... Am i the only one who enjoyed it?
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actually its a really bad game...sorry not sorry haha
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looks cool but i cant play this.
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