Suddenly Zombies, a post apocalyptic zombie survival flash games with original gameplay
Developed by PodBot
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Explore a procedurally generated city and kill as many zombies as you can while trying to stay alive. Some objects (such as cars or filing cabinets) can be looted for things like food, ammunition and lockpicks. Every building can be entered, some are occupied by survivors who may buy and sell items, others are occupied by zombies.
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user reviews & player tips

this is harder than i thought it would be.
rick_02's profile page
it's funny how all the "random facts" are all about cats.
Rammy's profile page
hard yet fun. i like this game and the badges are harder to get. how in the world do you pick locks? ugh love it though
ex member account
i am killing the persons when they dont have anything to sell hahahaha
jprv47's profile page
one of the bestest and hardest games i have ever player 5 out of 5
scott616's profile page
hey fun but hard
am12's profile page
I didn't like it, no matter how far you are and even if the zombies haven't seen you; they'll always chase you, that provides very less time to loot cars.
Goody's profile page
How in the hell am I supposed to shoot the zombies in the back of me while still running? And the zombies are WAAAAAY too fast.
AtomicBomb's profile page
funny but little hard to play.. luv it!!
mysterious_angie11's profile page
Its a cool game ...real challenge .....harder than i thought actually ...but still ..not impossible ..!!!
AdventureHunter's profile page
i know pewdiepie would love to play this :3
Airythne's profile page
get away from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
moterthemomo's profile page
WTF! When ever I hit the arrow keys the page f****** scrolls down!
vin2ty's profile page
this game is fun, but very challenging. it took me a while to adapt to the controls, i'm still terrible at weapon switching. Do the NPCs make anyone else feel depressed?
JOHNLEMON's profile page