Physics Wars

Physics Wars, a freeware game developed by Igor Levochkin
Physics Wars has been developed by Igor Levochkin
A grerat browser based co-operative Zombie shooter made by Igor Levochkin. Battle seemingly endless and increasingly difficult waves of bloodthirsty zombie hordes, upgrading your stats and weapons as you go.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

personally I really quite like the fact that you cam up with an original (its new to me) idea so for that you get five stars and to you complainers seriously quit whineing atleast its different
F##K ALL of the bad comments This is a good game It is diferent but it is a good game PEACE OUT
Does it take forever to load for you guys or is it just my luck?
I love this game
this game sucks a$$
Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss !!!!!!!!!
wuts wrong wit the game i cant play it rite now
a great game whats great about being a ball vs block zombies GAY!!!
DO NOT PLAY i say. or you can do whatever i could care less.
but what if I dont wanna install unity web player? then what?
such a bad game
this game is BULL SH!T. took two FU>CKING HOURS TO Work. AND I FOUND IT BORING
This game s***s Very boring
Playing the zombie fighting level Expectation: Human zombies, blood What I got: Block zombies. What I end up yelling: "WHAT IS THIS, CEREAL BOXES!? CAPTAIN CRUNCH IS THAT YOU OH MY GOD."