Don't Escape 2: The Outbreak, a point and click game with horror theme
Developed by ScriptWelder
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The second game from the clever anti-escape series by Scriptwelder is here. This time you have to find a way to survive an zombie outbreak. Explore various locations and find things you will need to secure your hideout. Can you figure out how to stay safe and alive?

user reviews & player tips

walkthrough go left , left again take the shovel / go outside take the key and the wire from the trash / go to the gas station take the bullet and the gas container from the outside, go inside take the bottle of water, batteries, coin and med (painkiller) from the first aid kit. break the door with the axe go inside take the rubber hose and the bullet from under the chair/ go to the crash site tak
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I love ScriptWelder's games..
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Just listen then I will tell you the walkthrough. So if my walkthrough doesn't work then you can talk with me on the chat bar down right or you can send any message to know the walkthrough.So now the Walkthrough - go left , left again and take the shovel / go outside take the key and the wire from the trash / go to the gas station and take the bullet and the gas container from the outside, go insi
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It was very good game. Easy to complete.
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I am not one for giving an explanation for things. with that being said i have beat this game and killed all 50 zombies plus 5 extra ( for my reckless shooting ) and kept all my two friends safe. hahaha let the madness continue!!!
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I love this game, the graphics are wonderful and the simple gameplay is great. Highly recommended. Can't wait to see more from Scriptwelder.
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Disappointed that they didn't include Badges in this game.
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rate-3 i love this one like i do the rest of them
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Sorry Sani I gone into MadSaveges1000 account and copied your walthrough.Oh ! theres a problem in my computer ,that I wrote one thing and my computer wrote another thing.Just like the one I wrote now.The thing I write in my computer shows right but when I submit it shows wrong.So I am very sorry sani
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Who the hell is this KingCobra2000,huh! it is very bad going into others accout.Ok so I for give you but remember that you will not go into others account
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this game was so easy it had bill i did this in 5 socends
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its sad tho you kill your best frinde
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I feel sad for the stubborn kid who steals my walkthrough for attention you are pathetic ! :-@
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