Dead in 60 Seconds

Dead in 60 Seconds, a freeware game developed by Arri
Dead in 60 Seconds has been developed by Arri
It is year 2024 and 99% of the human population is dead. The zombies are everywhere and each second another healthy human gets infected by the braineaters. One day an ex-policeman was looking for survivors. Suddenly a zombie comes out of nowhere and bites him. His only hope is to run back to his safehouse where he keeps his only dose of the vaccine. If he doesn't do that he will be dead in 60 seconds.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

Thumbs up if you wish gameshed to add badges or highscores!
Damn I keep dying I'm going to play this game later.
oww my arm hurts.....but I must continue
Simple game. Loved it.
screw the walking dead game series, this shi^ is awesome hahahahhahah
i can't play this game, it cuts out most of the board
beat the game in attempt #35
i dont like it
this game is incredible!!! 4/5
aewsome game even though i kept dieing but ill get it
omg she loves my hommy dogg
GAME CHEATS run,shoot, dont play