Dead Zed, a Post-apocalyptic shooting game with zombies and to
Developed by Dmitry Kurteanu & Egor Kurteanu
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You woke up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. The broadcast said that you'll have to hold up for 40 days for the help to arrive. Shoot zombies, organize search parties to look for survivors and weapons. Each survivor has its own set of skills so use them wisely.

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eat my bullets you damn zombiiieeeesssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BUSTAgame2272's profile page
best game ever but the aim sucks looks like call of duty to
tyyone561's profile page
eat lead zombies,not my flesh!!!! XD
riddlegirl009's profile page
BUSTAgame2272's profile page
Best Zombie game I've ever played!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Georgia999's profile page
Good game to play
Angle01's profile page
awsome game dudes
ex member account
this game is fun! especially played hack :p
Killjoy's profile page
Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
BlakeMerch's profile page
very good game just takes a while to load
Kr3gor1994's profile page
That was a cool game :D 5/5 excellent
Secret_Agent_Z's profile page
this game is awesome than the red crucible my score of this game is 11685!!!
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I don`t know how to zoom in. lame!,but still a cool game
BUSTAgame2272's profile page
eat led zombie scum!!!haahaa lovin this! ^-^
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