Word Quest

Word Quest is an casual crossword game with highscores developed by Shajby
Word Quest has been developed by Shajby
Choose a set of 10 letters and create as many words as you can within 90 seconds. Each word you create will increase your time limit. The longer the words the higher you score.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

This game is sooooooooooooooooooo awesome....as a grammar nazi i approve ;)
realy cool game it makes you think :)
nice game but why my record is not shown
this game is really 4 killing ure free time
What happened to the score saver? I made 741 score and I didn't get any medal :// Help..x]
I'm basically competing with Kr1s :p
great game and i'm going to compete for top sore
omg im against grammar but love this game and of course all grammar Nazis would love this game. you 3rd websters
this is good it's basically grammer.Ithink it helps us with words some of us don't know.
only 999 really...lol this game is soo much fun
this game gets really good after a while....i finally got 1580 but i don't see it on highscores :(
why cant i see my score?
helps in grammer
how do you get points on your game shed account