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I love how the cat follows you, you're just haveing a werewolf spaz attack and you pass it then it decides to follow you that's so weird but cute. It's kinda fun to kill people in this but I always get caught by the cops :(
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My favorite ending was killing cops and get romantic with the police and the police was a werewolf too :D How to get ending: kill cops
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whats awesome about the cat is that even though ur in jail the cats still by ur side.... :)
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This game is... FUN!!!!!!!!!!!! I played about 78 times (but didn't get good scores that I know of)
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This is pretty funny. xD
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this is my favorite game xD
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Amazing game 11/10 would date
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It took me awhile to figure out how to get the happy ending. ._.
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lol this game is too funny
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funny !!!!!!!!!!!!11 the cop & that boy fell in love . (TWO WEREWOLVES UNITE)
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welllllll, the cop and the man r gay at the end lol
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awesome and fun
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Love this game!!!
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I love this game ,there are a lot of endings..
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