HQ Guardians

HQ Guardians is an strategy war game featuring addictive game-play and ton of upgrades developed by MaulidanGames
HQ Guardians has been developed by MaulidanGames
General Gohn's armies are attacking our territory! We need our commander to hold our defense! Your first mission is on Reevanda. Protect your HQ at all costs! Build factories and set-up defense lines so the enemy won't be able reach our HQ. Be cautions...the building cannot be repaired.

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Game Reviews & Player Tips

this is easy one
it was a good play, nice TD, i have run into some broken achievements tho, such as super glarion and clearing all desert maps, sad.
why I cant see my name on the top scores? I have finished and got 65k+ on survival mode :"( SWEAR I didnt forget to submit it.
not all achievements unlock but a good game
even Im A Girl .. I Like Playing This Game ! :D
Final Conqueror is my target...
nice..hardcore game..spend 5 days played this game
i like this game.. :)
This game can't pause. I hate that
it was a good play, nice TD
Loved this game.. but broken badges o; hope gameshed fix those
Esis makes her mark...
This game is fine. Not being able to pause is a hindrance and you don't really earn enough upgrade points for what you're doing.
A lot of the badges don't work, which is a big disappointment after putting in a lot of effort to level up, etc.