Sanities Lament Part 1, a visual-novel adventure game with horror elements
Developed by EndemicAfro
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A intriguing visual-novel adventure game with a compelling story-line and quite a few horror elements. You and some of your friends are trapped inside a dream and you must find a way to escape before the insane game-master decide to kill you all.

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i actually like this game
4everYouth's profile page
This game is dope
LokiAWESOMEgamer12's profile page
NatalieIsNotOnFire's profile page
i do not like the anime girls n=only boy. 10/10 would insert toungue
joella's profile page
this game is dead to me
RAYEANNEjOHNSTON's profile page
it takes so long to start
GamerGirl23's profile page
i love anime and i love this game tnx
kawiechan's profile page
anime is trash
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we r here to play games / work out problems / NO interaction with this game / only did part 1 i want to play games NOT read a book / BORING!
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