A game adaptation of the famous horror novel, Keyhole.
A short and eerie Twine novel, inspired by the developer's own existential angst.
A visual novel about a one-night-stand addictiong. The game features over 4 different endings.
Just another ordinary day at school, right? Sigh!
Meet Joshua and his wife, Karen, and discover the mystery behind their relationship.
If you enjoy horror-themed visual-novel you should check the Sanities Lament game series. This is the 1st part of the game.
A short visual novel about meeting uncanny strangers during an unexpected stay in an in-between place.
A new lead in this HighSchool Horror series.
Play the second part of the psychological visual-novel game, Sanities Lament.
A mysterious entity continue to trap you in dreams in which your friends have to fight for their lives,