A cute beat em up about a brave piglet fighting endless hordes of enemies.
The good old Mario now with upgrades and more enemies. Guide Mario through the pixelated world collecting coins.
Become a Flakmeister by sowing death among the enemy planes. Don't let the enemy destroy your city.
A fun and addictive idle-based bussiness game. Hire skilled people and train them and push them to make you lots of money.
Assemble a team of heroes and fight against the Devil and his devilish creatures to free the world of terror.
Bring destruction and terror to the robots and save the city. A wanderfull tower defense with heroes, upgrades and robots.
Find your way up to the clouds jumping from rope to rope while collecting candies and other cool stuff.
Put on your swimming cap as you compete in the 100, 200, and 400 meter swimming contest. Choose your country to represent and travel around the world to get ...
Eliminate your foes by throwing spears in them as fast as you can. Aim for the head!
A fast-paced car racing game for the addicts! Change the gears perfectly and win each game!
Serve your customers the best toast sandwiches ever and make sure your food meet the highest quality.
Transport merchandise across the country using various vehicles. Use the money you receive to upgrade your vehicle or to unlock new ones.
Are you a skilled driver? Test your skills in this reflex-based car racing game and prove you are the best!
Fight alongside Greek gods and their mighty heroes and defeat demon hordes and their temples.
Escape from an unknown planet while kicking some alien butt! A fun tower-defense game with aliens and tons of upgrades!
Throwing knives into air is not an easy task.Can you do it like a true artist?
Jump on the back of the dragon and defeat countless waves of flying monsters while dodging bullets and collecting stars.
Fight epic battles against mighty players across the world. Choose your favorite tribe, collect points and defeat your opponents.
Step in the arena and eliminate your opponents. Kill everyone in your path and use the coins you earn to purchase better weapons or to improve your character.
Do you think you have what it takes to survive in a world where terror walks all the way?
Paint the streets red while looking for a way out.Jump in your junk car and find a way to escapoe the city beore it's too late.
A single-screen game for the stick-man fans. Protect your Dojo from the invaders and prove you are a force to be reckoned with.
How about spending some time fishing? A cute yet challenging fishing sim that will keep you entertained for quite a while.
The cute yellow duckling is back for more adventure! Perform various mini-games and prepare the little duck for the long journey to space.
Explore dark catacombs in search of hidden treasures but be careful not to fall prey to the living dead.