Survive Popo, a cute platformer recommend for kids
Developed by Steve Lie, Ivana Grasia & Max Loren
game rating
Popo had a little accident and lost all of his coins. Run, jump, climb walls and duck enemies while collecting your precious coins. Don't forget to use them to purchase upgrades and improve your character. Try to complete all the 60 missions for extra coins.
0 / 125
0 / 10
dodging bullets badgelacking firmness badgechilling, having a bud! badgeka kangaroo! badgecheating death badgeready to rumble badgecoin addict badgecolorful defenses badgeto hell and back badgesurvival of the fittest badge

user reviews & player tips

I completed 61 missions....i was like Dafuq? hahaha. well now i can't get that "to hell and back" badge (sigh). but this is a really great game and i love the part when popo says something funny :)
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@Rick_02 you can get that by playing on a different browser but you have to start over again.
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@CursedMark02 thanks it worked, got the badge :)
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these is the game if u dont like it give me a add and i can be your good friend also give me a plus 1
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Awesome game but one problem... I have all badges apart from COLORFUL DEFENSES and I did complete this in-game mission!
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stay alive for 500sec in a single round.. haah.. i do.. about almost 20min alive in a single round..
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great game, but gets boring after a while.
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Esis makes her mark...
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Great game really fun and not really hard but Still a really fun game to play when your bored or anything else.
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I quit after surviving for half an hour. :P
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haha done x easy Ace lol x
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what the hell....more than half of the comments read add me.It makes me sick!
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I cant get any of the badges even through I should
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cool game the name is kind of wierd
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