Strikeforce Kitty, a cute running game with cats and upgrades
Developed by Deqaf Studio
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Oh nooo! Princess Cat has been abducted and your team of mighty cats were sent by the King to rescue her. Run, duck and jump your way through the Land of the Cats while eliminating the bad guys. Collect fish and use it to purchase upgrades for your awesome cats and also try to drink all the milk you find to restore your stamina.

user reviews & player tips

I didn't knew that some cuuute kittens can work on strike force.
MadSaveges1000's profile page
so fun!! i play lv.10
blitzbolzen's profile page
This game is soooo adorable! Love it~
Kiraka's profile page
I love how you can dress up your cats! They are so funny all dressed up :)) This is definitely a cat lover's game!
cartman's profile page
oh my gawd this is what I think about sometimes '-'
thegamingcat's profile page
this game is.. AWESOME.. firstly i love the art its too simple and cute.. i like the idea that u can dress up ur cat to make it more powerful!.. I LIKED IT ALL.. if u too please PLEase PLEASSE THUMPSSS UP!!
meemi112's profile page
it's so hecking cute
LilithTheRainbowNeko's profile page
Eu já zerei esse jogo em outro site.
predadorX's profile page
cute, awesome, eastereggs, CATS! is there anymore to say? play it already
SirJohn's profile page