Grow Park

Grow Park is an theme park builder game developed by EyeMaze
Grow Park has been developed by EyeMaze
A fun little time-waster to cure your boredom. Use your logic to build an awesome fun park by clicking on various elements. The order on which you tap them influences how they grew and change the environment. You complete the game when you manage to reach level max on all panels and unlock all 150 charaters

Game Reviews & Player Tips

Its so cute. T__T
Fun game to entertain you for a while, gets boring kinda quick tho :\ ,sadly. The Music is really good, i would actually recommend this game, its fun if your bored :D
Its is adorable ^u^ I love it
This game isnt working for me p.s. FIRST
I Kinda like it tbh i mean the music is good it gets boring after awhile but i still recommend it cx
omg im never going to get all those 150 things ;_; but great for boredom indeed
Super cute game. If you want to max out your park, use the order: 1. coloured pillars, 2. block, 3. plant, 4. blob-thing, 5. road, 6.water :)
love this game!!!! so fun and cute
(left to right) 5th 4th 2nd 1st 6th 3rd
Esis makes her mark...
5 stars for music =)