Ducklife: Treasure Hunt, a cute hop and bop sidescroller with ducks
Developed by Simon Wixon
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Help our yellow duckling explore the volcano's cave in the hope of finding the lost treasure. Run, jump and fly through the caves collecting coins and power-ups. Try to compete all the challenges for some extra coin ad head back to the town to buy upgrades for your awesome duckling.

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Third comment is almost as good as the first.The game was great,I didn't like it, I love it.And I agree that the duck is super cute and also the other ducks.
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I wished this part had badges too.
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It is a special privilege and honour to be the first one to put a coment... Its a great game,I liked it from the first part! The ducks look super cute!
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Second comment is almost as good as the first, great game I liked it.Was a bit amusing but very easy to play I recommend it for sure
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the ducks are cute.cute game.and add me also :D
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Awesome game!
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