Back to Zombieland, a running game with zombies and upgrades
Developed by Alexey Testov, Andriy Vinchkovskiy, Alexander Ahura
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Help our funny looking zombie to get back to the Zombieland while he's still alive. Run, jump and duck while running from the evil humans. Try to collect as many coins as possible and use them to purchase upgrades.

user reviews & player tips

game is nice,,,,have fun,,
saadia's profile page
great game and really fun hope you guys enjoy
SCAREGHOST's profile page
DanteKing's profile page
Better version of jetpack joyride
SlendyBoyz's profile page
I think this is a great and fun game if you need to kill some time or want to play something fun.
Plasmagun234's profile page
tedious at times, but very addicting all the same, and fun
phenoxspartan10108's profile page
its fun for the first couple minutes but gets boring very quickly
kendall12803's profile page
it's very confusing and moves a little too fast for you to read instructions
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