Planet Wars

Planet Wars is an top-down alien shooting action game with great missions and tons of upgrades developed by Cole Jefferies
Planet Wars has been developed by Cole Jefferies
Play as Captain Church, a mercenary that has been hired by the AlphaTech organization to enter the planet Gillian Minor and eliminate the alien threat. Earn money with every battle you fight and use them to improve your abilities and purchase different components to upgrade your weapons.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

the trick is dont waste ammo on the big guys they dont harm you till some time of taking damage so some time you can walk up to them and just about all the time they wouldnt attack and if you need to kill one to move on to the next level if you have shock armor then walk up to them and use your armor so you can save on ammo for when you need it :D
the game can be easy base on how you stack you gun and what gun your using
It's an ok game, would be a lot better if there were hot keys.
this game needs more guns
welp.. can't play it. but it looks so cool
What is pointof the game
good game not bad but god
Good Game BTW!
mr cvico ni un cuerno en mi alma putrefacta. me siento triste. := excitado y curioso.
Halus tanan nlng botaks!