Yes Boss, a fun time-limit management game
Developed by Sharped Stone Studios
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A funny time-management game in which you play the role of a worker in a canned fish factory. Keep your boss satisfied by working hard but make sure you raise enough money to survive the day. Each can fish getting out of the factory earns you $30 but the cost of life is increasing every day.

user reviews & player tips

Couldn't survived more than 1 day...yeah, it's that hard!
broco's profile page
wow in good or not me survied 1 day
ana442113's profile page
that boss needs to chill out, get so mad easly
Mys4's profile page
Quick Key for those who haven't figured it out. E to interact and Arrow keys or WASD to move.
Cricketina's profile page
i survived 0 days.
YandereUnknown's profile page
I survived for one day. this made me rage.
Melon101Melancholy's profile page