Chelsea, a indie puzzle-based thriller game with horror theme
Developed by YureiDarling Studio
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Returned to his hometown, our protagonist must search for his missing engagement ring but as soon as he arrives, things get worse. Help Daniel in his quest to find the ring and propose to Chelsea, the love of his life.

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it gave me error in the half of the game :/
neko30's profile page
This game is cool! The story is interesting, the music is very nice and I really enjoyed playing it! Had a few errors, but the progress was not deleted when I reloaded the page. I LOVE IT
Cupcake23154's profile page
Error after i took the cryaon from bag. Yeesh, sorry.
Cricketina's profile page
Didn't save the game after I reloaded the page, but thats fine. This the best rpg horror game I've played but it pretty good. maybe 4 out of 5 stars for this one.
AlexusDragneel's profile page
Good game. Lots of errors could be due to lack of runtimes on your computer.
Geminate's profile page
Kind of fun, a little too empty though. The game gave me an error part way through. Like the concept, just not loving the execution.
Gamerkitten's profile page
Love the concept
djhaz's profile page
stupid game. rate 2 - 5
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This game was amazing, the story line was great, the art was amazing, the puzzles were challenging, the scares were great and the ending almost made me cry, so all in all I'd give this a 10/10
WhatIsAUsername's profile page
This game is good, although i wish it were a bit less laggy
moomoomelon's profile page
i cried. This was short and sweet with a bitter ending. i didnt think he was dead. i was votting that Chelsea was dead. since the last undead spirt that chassed us reminded me allmost of a women scorned.
KenzieAce's profile page
Error everytime I went to look at a note or book. Which really blows since that is half the fun of rpg horror games! Is to read the creepy notes and mysterious books while on the edge of your seat from the ominous aura the game gives you! But this? This is just annoying...Shame, I really wanted to play it.
Cricketina's profile page
Got an error at the crayon part
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good story game
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