Acrylic is an a twisted story about a girl and her sister developed by WickedHardcorg
Acrylic has been developed by WickedHardcorg
A fun yet disturbing horror rpg adventure game where you play as Nicole, a young student at the esteemed Acrylic Academy who one night decides to head to the school for a quick errand. Soon after her arrival she realize that something is not quite right and rushes to the exit door to realize that she is trapped inside. Explore the dark corridors while interacting with various items and find the way out before it's too late.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

For those of you who are complaining about the deaths, there are a certain few unique deaths that help your ending, if I remember correctly, and if you save you don't have to start all the way from the beginning. Just go to your save slot. This is a great video game in my second opinion and I'm playing again to complete the pencil case. In my opinion, one of the best horror/mystery games out there
It would have been good if you don't have to sit through a overly long, unskippable intro and have to restart from the beginning when you die. Also you can die from the dumbest things in this game making it just not worth it to play
That's a very long into that you cannot skip...
secret agent.....you know you can save, right?
@SEPTICEYESAM420 Flashlight is in that room with the frames, and the extra canvases. Not the library, but the other room. It's the room right to the male bathrooms on the bottom on 1 of the shelves. But be ready to run.
Code for Janitor's Closet is 495
where do you find the flashlight?
guys this game is very soo creepy but this game you will cant to survive!
Where the hell is a flashlights or a dang stick to grab the bag? ALSO don't read the note of suicide!
nice game ....
rose's are red vilots are blue :did this scare you like i did to
Into is way too long T_T
What is the number code for the janitor's closet?
i kinda like it but eeeeeehhh