Bob the Robber 2

Bob the Robber 2 is an stealth based flash game were you play as a thief developed by Alexey Davydov
Bob the Robber 2 has been developed by Alexey Davydov, George Studenikin & Darya Kulichko
Play as Bob the burglar and sneak your way through heavily-guarded buildings to complete your objectives. Collect as much loot as possible and spend your money on helpful gadgets. Help Bob to save the city from Gamp corporation!

Game Reviews & Player Tips

Fun. but you get pretty bored after a while
Good game but i got bored and i submited score before i finish the game
i love this game
Lol i love this game lol do it in real life jk pahahas :D
Gold metal is very quick to get on this :) I got it after level 1 lol
yes same for me
the best 3 thing to always have are 2 camera's for most quests and one taser but it's best on if there any tough dude if not 3 camera's would be the best after quest 3 or 4
This was nice and simple to get points. c:
I got soo mad when I didn't win >:D
I liked this game I thought it was pretty good but it would be nice if you could keep the gadgets you bought and use them in different levels. Not to hard to get a gold medal in this game, I think you have enough points after the frist level. Also fun to hit guards :)
My score couldn't submit. I tried alot of times but still couldn't happen.
great game :)
This game makes me really tense aha! more tense than some of the horror games on this site!