Schism is an text-based adventure game developed by Jeffrey Driver
Schism has been developed by Jeffrey Driver
As I approached the house, the silence and darkness were disquieting. The house was exactly as I remembered it. The fact that the house was dark struck me as unusual. It wasn't particularly late and besides, I'd done as instructed and arrived as soon as possible. I wasn't sure whether try the front door or see anyone was at the rear of the house.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

boring, slow and slightly cliche.
It was a pretty good game to be honest. Also it was a little creepy with the sounds and it was pretty good made so i would suggest to play it but not if u dont like reading cause you have to read alot.
I don't know if I'd call this a game. The story itself it interesting, albeit a bit slow. It wasn't very scary either.
It was good for being my first game played on here, the red creepy eyes in the windows certainty gave me the goosebumps
I really enjoyed the game! The atmosphere was creepy and the sound was okay. The story was very nice! I also like the red eyes in the windows, even more creepy.
rate-3 i actually found this text base game different form the others
great story it ws sad scary and made me angry
Few comments: First off, this was beautiful, visually and audibly. What a master designer you are. Now for the ugly - most obviously, the game wasn't really a game! I'm a huge fan of text-based games (especially text-based adventures), and this didn't really fit the category. If anything it was more of an interactive story; which, had I known, would have made the experience somewhat more enjoyable
this game erm??? my nan can make a better games then this
hhhhmm good one
While quite good the only flaw is the house itself, being too modern and unscary.
I enjoyed this interactive fiction, there was just the right amount of suspense, and I was even interested enough in learning the fate of the main character that I overlooked some of the syntax errors. Great story!
For a text based horror game I kinda liked it, but not my type of game.