Keyhole is an text based adventure game inspired from the famous horror novel Keyhole developed by Ahmet Kamil Keles
Keyhole has been developed by Ahmet Kamil Keles
As a man in his thirties, you occasionally have business trips. You don't like being far away from home, but your boss and job force you to travel around the world. You are an engineer, you wish your work consisted of sitting in your comfortable office and solving problems, not going far away places. This time, you need to attend a seminar in a different country, it will take one day. The seminar ends at evenings, but you need to spend time with your colleagues after the evening. You hate networking, especially when it is out of shift hours.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

hell to the naw i aint gonna be friends with a demon freaken need some holy water
Short but good! :D when I looked through the keyhole and saw the women I kinda got scared and then the second time all I saw was red and I started freaking out lol
The story kinda changes up depending on who you here it from. But i did think this story was a bit bland, and they could have executed it to a far greater potential... but i do like how the first thing people do when someone says NOT to do something, is to do it....
So much could have been added to this, to make it actually scary. I feel like some potential was wasted
The gameplay was not that great and was way to short. The grammar and spelling was not that great either. Overall, was not that great and could have been better. I say the developer should take a swing at it again because the potential is definitely there.
not creepy at all
not scary at all
Woah nice game!!
The game was way too short. Wasn't that scary either. When I was told that her eyes were red, I was like ..oh..okay.... So much could've been added to the story like the ghost could've went after me just because I looked through the keyhole.
That was an Awesome Game!
was... STUPID!!!
that game is not scary and i think its stupid and its too boring and short 2 stars =.=''
Oh so you are staring into her eyes...
Nice little stab at horror.