I woke up next to you again, a visual novel about a one-night-stand addiction
Developed by Zephyo
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A visual novel with great storytelling and gorgeous visuals about a one-night-stand relationship addiction that won't disappoint. Would you choose to indulge in addiction by allowing them to continue the relationship or will you try to fight it and break free from this addiction? The game features 4 different endings.

user reviews & player tips

I love the graphics and interface! Wish it was a bit longer, but it was overall really nice. A bit more development would make it amazing (like, extending the interaction with the guy/girl).
FlamingGamer's profile page
omg loved the game plot twistt
Edgelord's profile page
I love this game... music is very relaxing
Ayzoolz's profile page
This game is basically a metaphor for drugs. If you stay with them, you stay addicted, but you feel worse. The sooner you let go, the better.
666Kitten666's profile page
Ugh...I love it!
Raven69's profile page
Be sweet at first, give your number, etc, and when it gives you the chance to call him, don't. Don't call after that either. Tell the truth to the friend about how you're doing. That's the best ending, imo.
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