Classic Zork Trilogy

Classic Zork Trilogy is an the free version of the classic zork trilogy game developed by
The Zork trilogy is a collection of classic text adventure games produced by Infocom in the 1980s. You can play the series in any order, although the games become progressively harder. To play, simply click on the blue area at the bottom to enter your command. Happy Zorking!

Game Reviews & Player Tips

these games always confuse me, and there is always a house that is boarded up and i don't know what the hell I am going to do... so I type "Scream" like if that would open the door.
lol wow its vocabulary is very limited so you have to dum down what you say it ist all that good but for some it can be a great game
UGH! Saves don't work (as far as I know), so I have to go through the whole house again.
I love Zork, although it was difficult for me to find a good website to play it on. Having the Trilogy here makes everything so much easier.
rate 1 .... " no vocab" pfft
@MOTERTHEMOMO Pfft, I just imagine that you type "scream" and suddenly the door opens and someone comes out like "DAY-UM! OK OK CALM DOWN!!!" xD
I heard of this from my friends XD It should be good from what I hear
tried to play but nothing I type appears
Great game, though frustrating at times and it's picky about word usage.