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there are 2 endings
nightsblood's profile page
Omg! This game is so scary...i love it!! It's very fun and a bit intense.
IDKlol's profile page
not scary but it's difficult
Manya's profile page
Fun and suspenseful. Loved it.
Darkfeather30419's profile page
i cant clear thiisssssssssssssssssssss
Emoiism's profile page
this was really intense, I liked it! I made it to level 4 :/
RandomZ5's profile page
has anyone actually beat the game?
VelvetGoldmine's profile page
This game is so fun
Emma2002's profile page
Difficult game, but it is addictive
savvypirate's profile page
Suspenseful and has it's difficult moments. Worth playing, but be clever about it.
RamenNoodleLord's profile page
Aw man, Lol, I found the card key, the knife, USED the knife, And died on the 6th day....Shame.
Cricketina's profile page
Gonna attempt to make it all 21 days w/o dying. Wish me luck.
RamenNoodleLord's profile page
I got in a room at almost the last second and still got killed man i cry everytime that darn cat
SimplyxAmani's profile page
Fun game. Wasn't sure I'd like it but kept playing and made it to day 22 and left then... What rule did I break that resulted in that ending? lol
JasonBBerg's profile page