Challenge a friend or play against the pc in a classic chess game. See who is the winner.
Play the popular board game 9 Men's Morris against a friend or the computer and stimulate your brain a little bit.
Cover the board in blocks having the number 5. Place three blocks with the same number and color and merge them horizontally or vertically.
The stylish version of the classic checkers game. Challenge a friend or play against the pc, your choice.
Match the tiles with the same number of dots and try to get rid of all the tiles first.
Let's get this match started! Play against the computer or a friend in a foosball match! Score as many goals as possible to beat your opponent.
There is nothing better than playing the classic solitaire game. Can you beat the game?
Play a game of backgammon against a friend or the computer. Place your checkers across the board and throw the dice!
Have a nice relaxing time playing a game of sudoku against the computer.