Takeover, a highly polished turn based strategy flash game
Developed by IriySoft
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The Empire united all the countries of the continent Rivadis ages ago. Centuries later, the Emperor and the nobles turned to dark doctrines. Hunger and decay has set in the lands of Rivadis but several nations in the outskirts of the empire rebelled against their cruel rulers.

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this is wicked cool!!!!....AWESOME!!!!
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Love this game! Easy to play,easy to win
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one word.Awesome
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Good Game , Horde 6 hard to get it perfect but i did it anyway ^^
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I love this game very fun
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Horde Campaign, act 6... impossible! WTF!!!
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Nice sim, if you like that sort of thing.
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btw fuk u dergami! ashole!
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seconod to command now score me down cause u will score pll down
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4th in the comments
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get lost Dergami! u're such an ashole!
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yay first to comment ^_~
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(12 yrs later) lol 3,862 comment!
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@KEVINJJ well, if u say so...
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