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omg its like minecraft thanks gameshed!!! <3
ZoieLovesYou2's profile page
FINEBRO14's profile page
Does it save your world
jeremy_perez's profile page
This is the most beautiful thing in entire life! I LOVE IT! Thanks gameshed
Catlady124's profile page
this is my favorite game now thank you gameshed
spikerock12's profile page
what pluggin do i need to download?
ohnoDX's profile page
A replica of minecraft, HELL YEAH. i love you gameshed!! Bring out some monsters!!
YesitsConny26's profile page
i cant even play this it keeps on sayin game not allowed
jennykitty123's profile page
won't load, fail
nightsblood's profile page
Nada é como o original (Minecraft Vanilla). Nem um outro jogo de minecraft supera o original.
predadorX's profile page
if anyone knew the controls, please share. I don't even know how to split stacks.
Tanuki's profile page