Minecraft: Block Story, a minecraft like game in unity
Developed by MindBlocks
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Can you survive the mysterious world of blocks? Explore an procedural generated 3D world, hunt down animals to eat, mine resources to create new structures, buildings, tools and weapons. Try to build your own world of cubes. All is allowed!

user reviews & player tips

omg its like minecraft thanks gameshed!!! <3
ZoieLovesYou2's profile page
FINEBRO14's profile page
Does it save your world
jeremy_perez's profile page
This is the most beautiful thing in entire life! I LOVE IT! Thanks gameshed
Catlady124's profile page
this is my favorite game now thank you gameshed
spikerock12's profile page
what pluggin do i need to download?
ohnoDX's profile page
A replica of minecraft, HELL YEAH. i love you gameshed!! Bring out some monsters!!
PrettyLilMonster26's profile page
i cant even play this it keeps on sayin game not allowed
jennykitty123's profile page
won't load, fail
nightsblood's profile page
Nada é como o original (Minecraft Vanilla). Nem um outro jogo de minecraft supera o original.
predadorX's profile page
if anyone knew the controls, please share. I don't even know how to split stacks.
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