Kingdom, a original 2d tower defense game with pixel art graphics and great gameplay
Developed by Thomas van den Berg & Pez
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Build a Kingdom and survive ten dreadful nights. Recruit Royal Citizens and use them to protect your Kingdom. To recruit citizens, throw some coins near them. To train them you need to buy them bows or scythes.

user reviews & player tips

you don't know how much I rage when my men go to the wrong side of the fort because they can hunt there... MEANWHILE there's a giant mutant tearing away at my walls!
rcktwin2's profile page
a simple, but enjoyable game. really liked the water effect.
PaperMantis's profile page
what the fuu is this
Ridax's profile page
14 days, dammit! Anyways, this game is a little addicting. Stupid Farmers/builders. They always die!
jeninax's profile page
I wouldve gotten 3rd or 4th place but I forgot to submit score
CrazyBlox's profile page
awesome game, i love the art, make more ( *v*)
Thehorrorcryer's profile page
Really cool game just needs better Coding but great!
Tankron's profile page
The aiming is just sad. You would have thought the archers would get a better aim while on the castle but no, you get two archers that barely kills the target. It's a pretty cool game but it would have been better if the king could actually fight.
Tanuki's profile page
This game is cool!
Taylor101's profile page
I agree, my men were awful. One was on the opposite side of were it was going down and basically camped there and did'nt move... At all. The others were just walking around like they were stupid.
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I was playing slendytubies earlier and something popped up and it scared me so much so i hit the power off button om my computer x3
DjxHorror's profile page
They expect me to go 100 days on this boring azz game to get a gold medal? Skrew that!
Shawman's profile page
Confusing at first but after a few retries, I got the hang of it then died on day 5
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