Haunted Suburb, a tower defense game with zombies, ghosts and tons of upgrades
Developed by CerebralFix
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Our town has been invaded by monsters! Defend the local neighborhoods by building towers to kill them and open gates to redirect their hungry minds to places of choice.

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game is hard >.<
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Im no 1 TopScore HAHAHA btw this game is very hard ;p
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this game is cool
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Reminds me of an old game I used to play.....good game then good game now...I'm booked on this game
Profiler_TinyOreo's profile page
I couldnt even pass level one! >.<
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Hey peoples. I came here to get some points to level up. =)
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I lost in the first couple of minutes! :D
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great game, i love defense strategic games though...
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wew? i got bronze n this game cool!!!!!
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this game is f**king hard! -_-
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Forget the single shot tower, its worthless. Get the beam tower all the way and pulse towers. set them up in between two houses, keep one house open so they can all walk through the traps, but if u miss a few and don't have enough money open the one near the traps so they can go through the traps again. This would save u from getting your houses infected.
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i lve this game lol :D
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cool game as hell..
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i love this game kht mhrap hehehe
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