Epic Stand, a tower defense game
Developed by Dmitriy Gromyko & Gennadiy Genyuk
game rating
Help the Mighty Wizzard Frostorn in the epic battle against the orc hordes led by The Dark Knight Morokar. Use the experience points to improve your magical skills and buy new units to protect to castle. Protect the castle with your life!

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alright its a deal now we are decreased mwahaha
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This game is not bad, u need to be smart :3
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Haaallloooo peoples. =)
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this game suks
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hey guys pm me dd me and rnrf teach me how to get that pic on my acount
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not the best game but its still an ok game
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dammit i hate this game the ****ing last boss is too hard
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cool, hate that shaman lol, wanna kick his ass to death
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This game aint so BAD Just like pewdiepie say While playing Games :D
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yay!! im first comment btw this game is good
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first to comment last to get laid
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Yo how do you get a picture on your profile
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