Stick Squad

Stick Squad is an stick shooting game with compelling story-line and upgrades developed by BrutalStudios
Stick Squad has been developed by BrutalStudios
Our nuclear missile R-32 has been stolen by Kane Foster, some Australian at the head of 100 mercenaries and you and your friend have been sent to recover it. The game features an compelling story-line and 60 different missions over 20 maps. Test your dusty sniper skills in this awesome stick shooting game!

Game Reviews & Player Tips

Looks like the mafia stick thing i forgot its name the 3 guys i bet this is nice also anyways answer me what is that 3 guys mafia game
looks like a copy of sift heads and JPRV47 is this what you were trying to say ?
Its great it pretty realistic for a stick game, i loved it
This is actually the most realistic stick figure sniper game I've ever played! Awesome game. And sorta challenging. I like that.
sick game, thumbs up if you got all the stars on all levels
i think that its a pretty well made game... there is somethings i would change but all-in-all a good game
Can't play past Borneo. 1 Star. Crappy game.
One of the best sniping games since Shift Heads came out!
Hella dope game.
good but add movement
yes thanks now i remembered that game
There aren't that many good sniper flash games, but this one is the bomb. The gameplay is fun and the voice acting is also pretty good for a flash game. I also like that there are new weapons to unlock and the challenges add a lot of playing time to the game. 5/5