Shoot'm, a stickman torture game with weapons
Developed by FlashTrackz
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Meet Stickman. Your goal in this crazy game is to shoot him using various weapons from brass knuckles to sniper guns, explosives and more. Choose your weapon from the Weapons tab and give him hell! Each time you inflict damage you earn cash which you can use to upgrade your current weapons or unlock better ones.

user reviews & player tips

How to make money fast in this: 1. Use hand to slap him until you get $150 or so 2. Buy temperature 3. Make the temperature go from freezing to fire very rapidly.
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The guns really serve no purpose, you dont earn much money and the hits are hard to make. The explosives are ok but you'd have to drop them like... everywhere. Unless its a blue one, it will stick to the stick man. As for the others catogory: The temperature and hand are very effective. They will help you get money fast if used properly (which I dont see how you could use it wrong xD.) and it is a
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The missile is good.
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Would love this more of the stick figure stopped moving so much,
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personally I enjoy it but it could longer and had lots more weapons like mike shadow my favorite
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i love killing
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i love killing
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