Henry: Fleeing the Complex

Henry: Fleeing the Complex is an interactive movie with stick-man and hilarious gameplay developed by PuffballsUnited
Henry: Fleeing the Complex has been developed by PuffballsUnited
Help Henry, the infamous stick-man escape from The Wall, one of the most heavily guarded prisons in Russia. The game features 5 different endings and a lot of hilarious cut-scenes. 'Fleeing the Complex' is an funny interactive movie well worth your time!

Game Reviews & Player Tips

The amount of easter eggs is amazing! my favorite: pick crossbow and sniper and watch the replay.
This game is fun. But at the same time pretty awesome
The more you fail the better it is.
how to get secret 1? i can get the 2 one and 3 one but not 1 one?
how to get secret 1 go on the pipe in solo and choose plumber shoes then repeatedly press ambio
This game series has been one of my favorites for a long time. I expected a lot from the creators and i have received even more. Also, WIGGLE WIGGLE
Which is the best ending?
this game is fuun :D
one of the endings is so sad! Like if u cri evrytiem!
i g0t GI rank :D
rate-5 another yet funny game
lol i liked the last part XD ^0^