A single-screen game for the stick-man fans. Protect your Dojo from the invaders and prove you are a force to be reckoned with.
Run with your shopping cart, jump in it and see how far you can go. Many have tried. Many have failed. Do you have what it takes to be a hero?
Test your ninja skills in this wonderful skill-based platformer!
An funny interactive movie about escaping from a highly secured prison. Help our stick-man take the right decisions and guide him to freedom!
The sequel of the funny animation-based Henry The Stickman game series is back! This time he must infiltrate an airship while in the air.
Help Stick figure out a way to steal the Tunisian Diamond from the city museum. There are three different ways you can get the diamond and many more ways to ...
Primary is a game based around a character that can change the color of his body to the Primary colors. While he is the different colors he has different pow...
Run as fast and far as you can without running into obstacles.
Perform awesome bike stunts as you race through different off-road tracks with your awesome bike.
Eliminate your foes by throwing spears in them as fast as you can. Aim for the head!
How long can you survive in this dangerous gap?
The vending machine fooled Mike Shadow and now you must help him to get his money back. Collect money, upgrade your skills, use weapons, magic, cheerleaders ...
Use destructive electrical power to defend against and destroy infinite waves of enemies!
Help Fancy Pants explore vast lands, defeat challenging enemies and overcome clever obstacles on his quest to save his sister.
The objective in each level is to reach the check point at the other side. Use the arrow keys to run, jump, slide and to climb walls in this great puzzle pla...