Steampunk Tower, a original tower defense game with a unique steampunk theme
Developed by Dreamgate
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Welcome to Steampunk Tower. You are commissioned to command an advanced troop of rebels at the Battle of Steampunk Tower. Develop it, build cannons and fight against the Empire troops.

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Gameshed please fix the medals/top scores on this game, they don't work and I've put a lot of effort into this game! Score me people so gameshed will fix the problem, thanks!
JakeYo's profile page
One awesome/addictive game, would be 10x better if it had badges!
JakeYo's profile page
The music is old but the game in nice
MadSaveges1000's profile page
This game is AWESOME
SleepInDarkness's profile page
The Music is Nice..!! it is like old times!!!
killereye12's profile page
Clean one side at the time and switch side when the enemies are getting close to the tower on the other side. This way you will kill larger groups of enemies which is more effective.
CandyKitten's profile page
Medium of Gameplay.
Frozerther's profile page
Not bad, although I'd appreciate it if you'd fix the Badge/Achievement problem, or else I'd make giving this game a 2/5 no issue at all.
IWannaPunchU's profile page
i cant play this game
folie's profile page
crack for it
maya619's profile page
The game won't load up for me :/ I notice this issue with other games here. Why is that?
Napis's profile page
nice music,,fun,,
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Level 15 is sooooo hard,,,,
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