Voltage, a puzzle-based maze game that will make Nikola Tesla proud
Developed by John Wallie
game rating
A simple yet very well made puzzle sidescroller that would make Nikola Tesla proud. The aim of the game is to reach the exit door while navigating through various mazes avoiding enemies in your path. Use electricity to interact with various elements and try to stay away from enemies by using stealth. Can you make your way out of the maze?

user reviews & player tips

Its pretty decent. Makes you second guess your moves. Sorta gets addicting in a way.
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it's ok, i guess
Silenttrees18's profile page
**When you get caught, I mean
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its so short and ez
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there were much awesome games on here. they deleted all of them and why idk
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This is a good game to play rate it to a B rate
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The buzzing noises scares me everytime...lol
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i stick it up my ass
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